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Due to its weather conditions, the valley offers a wide variety of fresh white and red wines. The Harvest Festival is one of the most important parties  in the area for tourists and locals.

Wine lovers do not miss the Limarí Valley!

Located 470 km (290 mi) north of Santiago is both an old and new wine region. Vines were first planted in the mid-16th century, but new technology has led terroir-hunting winemakers to take a fresh look at this curious territory.The Pacific Ocean’s cooling Camanchaca fog creeps into the valley from the west each morning and retreats as the sun rises over the Andes and bathes the vines in pure light in the afternoon. With less than 4 inches of rainfall per year, drip irrigation allows the vines to flourish as their roots dig deep into the mineral-rich soil. The combination creates fresh wines with a distinct mineral edge.


In the valley highlights Francisco de Aguirre, Tabalí, Tamaya, Farr, Ocho Tierras, Maycas Limari and Concha y Toro vineyards.

Fans of pisco find the highest quality in the Valley of Limarí with tours and tastings of this coveted Chilean grape brandy. Pisquera de Chile SA
Company  (CPCh) is one of the major players in the industry of Pisco, offering a diverse brand portfolio consisting of Pisco Mistral, Tres Erres, Campanario, Ruta Norte, Control and La Serena. CPCh has a strong presence in the segment of pisco sours and Premium.

Harvest season

Every year in March, hundreds of people come to Ovalle's Plaza de Armas  to taste the best wine, pisco and food of the area. This is the Harvest Festival, the first event of its kind nationwide, and that starts the schedule Harvest Festival throughout the country. For two days tourists and residents enjoy the finest wines and know the history of the most important wineries of the territory.

The event creates an environment where all visitors are actively involved, attending the stands and enjoying the products displayed in the main public walk  of the town. In its stands each of the participating companies show their best wines, beers and pisco.

In this festival, you can sample typical products, participate in recreational activities and traditional games or take a guided visit to the participating vineyards, where the winemaking process is explained.