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Welcome to Limarí Valley!

In our valley vineyards, fruit and vestiges of indigenous cultures come together. It is recognized throughout Chile for the production of wines of high quality standards. The climatic characteristics of the area give them a unique personality, especially to white wines, reminiscent of tropical fruits.

Coquimbo Region has one of the world's nicest weather, ideal for the cultivation of tropical fruits like papayas and grapes.

The main valley river is the Limarí River, which originates from the confluence of Hurtado and Grande rivers, coming both from the Andes. Near Fray Jorge
Park, the Limarí river flows into the sea, forming a lagoon, a natural pool of crystal clear water and white sand in front of a  beach of 750 meters where wild ducks are sighted.

Ovalle, known as "The Pearl of Limarí", has an important archaeological heritage. It is also a
fertile land for the production of wine and pisco. 
In the Limarí Valley the tourism offer is very diverse and scenarios are ideal for unforgettable tours. Including Limari Archaeological Museum, which houses a valuable collection of pieces, mainly ceramics, belonging to cultures Molle, Animas and Diaguita. Or Fray Jorge National Park, ideal for watching wildlife and for ecotourism activities such as hiking and horseback riding.

The area is also notable for its gastronomic delights, such as pies and goat cheese with merkén.

This valley, like few others, is full of places that delight travelers. If you like to explore, you're definitely in the right place.

Some of the attractions of the Limarí Valley

A must for nature lovers. Valle del Encanto National Monument is located 110 kilometers southeast of La Serena and  is regarded as a place of excellence in the art of engraving in stone and rocks, known technically as Petroglyphs.

The present church is the third church built on the site. It was designed and projected in 1794 by Joaquín Toesca and built between 1795 and 1800 with a construction system imported from Spain, the only one of its kind in the  Limarí province.

Limarí Museum is housed in the Ovalle's old railway station, in Limarí Province. It houses a valuable collection of archaeological objects, mainly ceramics belonging to cultures Molle, Animas and Diaguita, who inhabited the semi-arid north of Chile.

Cruz del Sur Observatory is located in Cerro El Peralito, 3.5 kilometers from Combarbalá's  main square. Its aim is to spread the passion for astronomy. 

Last news of the stars and our roots

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Welcome to Limarí Valley!

De acuerdo a las objetivo de su empresa, ofrecemos diferentes alternativas de programas para generar valiosas experiencias que consiguen fidelizar ya sea a clientes o al propio personal de su empresa.

Tourists can also do sports activities such as trekking where you can climb hills and watch petroglyphs,  signs of the presence of ancient cultures in the area.

Due to its weather conditions, the valley offers a wide variety of fresh white and red wines. The Harvest Festival is one of the most important parties  in the area for tourists and locals.

Due to its clear skies, the Limarí Valley is a favorite spot for stargazing, either for astronomy lovers and romantics. Come  and discover 

We propose a philosophy born hiking in an effort to discover places and unforgettable experiences within the limits of each. We like the freedom, take care of nature and local culture.

Rio Hurtado District is located in the northern part of Limari Province, Coquimbo Region, in the Andean foothills of Hurtado Valley, about 400 kilometers north of Santiago de Chile.

Valle del Encanto is a place of great archaeological importance, which is located in a ravine 5 Kms. From Ovalle-Socos Highway  (Route 45) and 19 Kms. from Ovalle city.

Cruz del Sur Observatory counts with a structure of four domes, each equipped with powerful digital telescopes between 14 and 16 inches, connected by a multipurpose room with a spherical dome. We are talking about some of the most modern astronomical facilities opened in early 2009 in Chile and they mean to strongly boost astronomical tourism in the Andean country.

Volver al pasado histórico de la zona del Limari, las leyendas y mitos locales nos remontaran al año 1650…. visitar la iglesia la cual es monumento Nacional nos llenará de emociones las cuales compartiremos con un almuerzo en el restaurante del Hotel Limarí.